As you have probably guessed by the title of my site, I am a blonde and have often been described as ‘curious’. What I mean by that is I am not your stereo-typical ‘dumb blonde’. Hopefully after reading this blog you will learn that for yourself! I tend to ask myself and others a lot of questions and I love to learn new information.

I have created this blog as a part of one of my modules titled ‘Writing for New Media’. Our first task is to create a blog about a topic we are studying and update it every week. I am using this opportunity to reflect on my experience with one of my modules this semester, TESOL – Teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Each week I will write some-what of a diary entry about my experience with this module. I have never done a module like this before nor have I had the opportunity to teach others the English language. For these reasons, I think it will be beneficial to reflect on my learning experience.

I will aim to make my posts as honest as possible while reflecting on an challenges I may face with this module this semester and hopefully my posts will interest some readers 🙂