We are now in Week 6 of the second semester and I feel like time is really flying.

Upon reflection, one thing I have noticed is the pace at which this TESOL module is going at. I feel that we are definitely learning a lot in such a short space of time.

If i’m being honest, I’m finding it quite a challenge to keep up and continuously learn at such a fast rate. I’m used to my literature modules where we read novels, discuss in class a lot and our grade is based on our assignments. Whereas with TESOL, it reminds me of being back in secondary school. We have class tests and written homework which is completely different to what i’m used to.

I feel that each lecture and tutorial requires your full and undivided attention. I think that it is especially important that you learn as much as you can in this module to ensure that you are knowledgeable and confident when teaching English. I am trying to put some extra pressure on myself each week and really concentrate on benefiting from this module as I think it will be important in the future.

I’m finding it tough but i’m really hoping to keep on top of everything and do well in this module. Only time will tell!

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