This week it was my group’s turn to do our presentation. Our topic was ESL and EFL facilities Ireland. If I’m being honest, I was dreading it. When we were first assigned this topic it was quite daunting as I had only just begun to learn about the TESOL facilities available in Ireland. Due to this, I knew a lot of research was going to have to be done. My group consisted of myself and four others. We divided the project into five parts so that we each had a different topic to present on.

I usually wouldn’t be one to jump at the idea of standing up and presenting in front of more than 100 people, especially on a topic I’ve only had two weeks to prepare! Having said that, I chose a module on Erasmus last semester titled ‘Presentation Skills’ which required me to do at least three presentations in front of my class. I think that by taking that module, it undoubtedly helped my confidence and preparation skills for this presentation. Although I didn’t present as confidently as I would have liked, it is a skill I will constantly try to improve.

The topic I chose to present on was ‘EFL facilities in Limerick’. I started by doing some research online and with some help from our lecturer, got in touch with a past master’s student of UL who now works in the LCETB. LCETB is the Limerick and Clare Education Training board based in County Limerick. Getting in touch with her really gave our project an in-depth insight into the facilities available for those living in Ireland with English as their second language. As a group I think we worked well together and delivered a strong presentation that was informative and interesting without being too boring.   

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If you would like to learn more about LCETB and the services available, follow this link —->

I was relieved the presentation was over but I definitely won’t be rushing to do it again! If you have any tips or tricks on how to build your confidence when doing presentations let me know in the comments below please 🙂

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