Over the course of this semester I have learned quite a lot. One thing I have learned the most about is the term passive knowledge. This is the knowledge that you have but don’t use regularly.

Wikipedia states that, “When you say you know a word or phrase, you could mean one of two things. First, you could mean that if someone says the word to you, you know what it means. This is passive knowledge”.

I have learned more about this term through all of my modules. I fell that this semester is a very important one for me. It is my first term back on campus in over a year and I am trying quite hard to bring up my QCA as I only have two semesters left before I graduate! That sounds scary.


One of the groups presented on different parts of the brain in my TESOL lecture this week and I genuinely found it very interesting. This may sound odd but it made me realise that there are so many things I don’t know enough about. For example, I knew that there were four main parts of the brain and I was able to briefly describe the function of each but I felt i could know a lot more.  After all, it is the most important organ in the human body.