As the weeks fly by and the weather gets better, I can feel summer getting closer. As this semester comes to an end, one thing I have definitely found beneficial is using this blog as a tool of reflection. I’ve always thought about keeping somewhat of a journal/diary throughout my college years but never got around to writing one. This blog has definitely opened my eyes to how important it is to set aside some time each week to yourself.

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If I feel myself getting stressed or crumbling under the work load, I find that gathering my thoughts has made me a lot more calm. It’s too easy to get caught up in everything going on in your life and neglect your mental health. I have found that this blog has helped me to understand my thoughts a lot more clearly.

This week in our TESOL lecture we learned about rythm. I know that sounds random but the group that presented, explained how rythm and the way we learn are often linked. It was very interesting and allowed me to think about learning in a new way.  I love music and I am going to start trying to and the way I study and learn to relate it to rythm and see what happens!


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