This week was spent mostly in the library on campus trying to get on top of my work.

I have a test in my TESOL module so I’ve been trying to study for that as much as I can. I’m not quite sure what exactly will be on the test because we’ve covered SO much material in the past couple of weeks so I’m trying to revise everything (which is proving to be near impossible!) You’re probably confused as to why I chose to title this post ‘Testing my patience’ if I’m writing about revising for a test. BUT, if you have spent enough time in the Glucksman recently, you could probably guess what I’m referring to. One word, Construction.

If you’re familiar with the University of Limerick, you’ll know that there has been construction work going on to extend the library for the past couple of months. I’m obviously delighted that they’re extending the library, I think it’s fantastic. However, it is not ideal when you are trying to study and the sound of a drill and/or hammer is the only thing you can hear.



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While I would always try to see the best in every situation and I know the outcome of this construction work will be more than worth it, I am finding it quite difficult to concentrate in the library lately.  I have a lot of work to get done before the end of this semester so I will have to try to ignore the noise and focus.